At Ornate we are proud to offer a fully bespoke and customized service, where you can be at the visionary forefront of the rug making process. If you can think of an idea or design, we can be sure to make it. We have an extensive range of wool and colors available to match your needs.

Below is a brief outline of the bespoke service

You have a light bulb moment and you think of a design for a custom made rug that you would like to have made, You then call us or email us with your design specifications. Our friendly and experienced team of professionals will be on hand to collaborate with you to make your idea into reality, Once we finalize the design specification order, we will relay this information to our team in our factories. Your design is then accurately graphed up, and is ready to be produced. We carefully choose the wool which is then dyed. This is then sent to local villages for the wool to be hand woven into rugs. After the weaving process, the rug is meticulously washed, colored and finished after a thorough quality control process. Once we are fully satisfied of the hand weaving excellence we ship the rug back to the UK. The end result – A happy owner of a fully customized bespoke Ornate Rug!